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Having performed in excess of 6000 home inspections over the last 15 years, I have come across a large variety of Realtors. Many don't show up at the inspections and use the excuse of this is your time with me. Well that part is true, but then they call me wanting to know what I meant when there were items that needed attention. This agent is the one who is going to try and negotiate with the seller's side that it is their responsibility to fix an item, but they don't really have a complete understanding of the situation because they did not experience the problem (IE: The deck stairs shook when walked on). In my opinion the agent did not care enough about you or the home your buying to be there and see if there were items of concern and the importance of these items. All they wanted to do was to get to closing and get paid. I probably first met Alan on a home inspection approximately 10 years ago on the recommendation of another agent. Since that time I have helped nearly all of his clients. During all of these inspections, Alan was there. Not to interfere or downplay the importance of an item, but to understand the significance of the items seen. I have also in the past had to draw upon Alan knowledge concerning real estate contracts to help resolve problems for other clients of mine where their agent did not know how to handle things. If there was a statement that I could make to recommend Alan to someone, it would likely be that I would trust him handling my own home purchase or that of my children. With Alan you are dealing with a true professional in this industry. Respectfully, Steve McNamee (Owner) Homecheck Inspection Service
Steve McNamee
I first met Alan back in 2004. Alan and I were working together in the same company. I quickly noticed that Alan treated his customers with respect and honesty. We quickly became friends and have been for the past ten years. What impresses me most about Alan is that he is an extremely hard worker and is fun to work with. I recommend Alan to everyone I know looking for a new home.
Francisco Chavira